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Booklet Printing

Professional Booklet and Catalogue Printing Services in Melbourne

Booklets are powerful marketing tools that can help you gain the confidence of your clients. When creatively designed, booklets are a perfect and cost-effective way of sending promotional messages or presenting information. Minuteman Press offers professional booklet and catalogue printing services in Melbourne. With years of experience, passion for design, and unmatched skills in the digital printing industry, we are best-placed to address your booklet printing needs. Our creative team is armed with great design and copywriting skills- all put to work for a superior print service. You will never go wrong when showcasing your products or presenting information with our full-colour custom booklets


Custom booklet printing for all

We are happy to serve clients from all sectors including schools, government agencies, non-profit organisations, art and entertainment, travel, tourism, health and wellness, graphic designers and many more. As such, we can design impressive booklets and catalogues tailored to your needs. These include:  


-    Promotional and exhibition booklets

-    Periodical magazines and newsletters

-    Product catalogues and portfolios

-    Coupons

-    Product and user manuals

-    Tour guides

-    Training manuals

-    Text books

-    Monthly and yearly reports

-    Technical literature

-    Instruction booklets

-    Children story books

-    Text books

-    Sales guides

-    Event programs


We convey your message in style

A sense of uniqueness is important when it comes to marketing your business. This is why Minuteman Press offers a wide selection of customisation options when printing your booklets. We ensure our booklets illustrate your selling points clearly, and in a way that reflects professionalism. Whether you have a sample design with graphics and illustrations, or need our team to design the booklet from scratch- we got all it takes to finish the job. To get started, simply

-    Bring in or email us the booklet you want to print

-    Select or recommend the formatting options you think will work best for your project

-    Choose the weight of the paper, type and booklet size

-    Tell us the number of copies needed

If you need specific finishing touches on your booklet, let us know. We offer several options for both stock and coating. If you prefer a gloss that’s resistant to fingerprints, we can use Gloss, Matte, or Soft Velvet coating. Similarly, if you like a bright shiny look, we can use UV coating. The bottom line here is that minuteman press has everything needed to create a fantastic, aesthetically appealing product.


Our Booklets are Classy!

After printing your booklets, catalogues, magazines or newsletters, we always finish them with style. Our aim is to ensure the final product stands out by speaking class, quality and professionalism. Depending on the type of booklet, we offer a variety of binding options- including saddle stitching, perfect binding and wire binding.  Contact us to learn more about our binding options.

Once done with the design phase, we send a PDF or soft copy of the work for approval. Alternatively, we can print a hard copy proof on the actual paper and mail it to you for approval. This allows you to confirm whether the job is done correctly before bulk printing.


Trust Minuteman Press with your print work

We know nothing feels better than seeing your creative work published in a perfectly bound book. If you’re looking for a professional booklets printing service, then we are the right guys for your project. We offer superior quality printing at an affordable cost. We also ensure a quick turnaround and timely delivery on all our services. Do not hesitate to order your custom booklets today from Minuteman Press, an industry leader in premium printing.

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Choose from a wide variety of designs, colours, paper stocks and finishes to create your perfect booklet today.